Terms and Conditions for the  “Daily £50Secret Santa”

  1. This offer is made in the name of Core Spreads which is a trading name of Finsa Europe Ltd.
  2. “Cloudtrade” means “Coretrader” and vice versa.
  3. The prize period starts inclusively from midnight on the 4th December 2017 and ends on midnight the 15th December 2017.
  4. There shall be a maximum of ten prizes to be won each week day the £50 gifts will be credited into the randomly selected accounts by 11.00am GMT on a weekday starting on the 4th December 2017 and the last draw shall be made on the 15th December 2017. There shall be no draw at the weekends.
  5. Prizes are awarded on a single award basis only to named account holders and not account numbers. If you hold more that one MT4 account for example, and you win the prize, only one prize of £50 will be awarded.
  6. The offer applies to any accounts that have been deemed as “full” by us on or before the stated prize draw dates. “Full” is taken to mean that you have received an email from us stating in the title: “CloudTrade Account Created” or “MT4 Account Created”. Pending and demo accounts or accounts opened after the draw dates shall not be included in the prize draw.
  7. The £50 gifts will be revoked if they are undiscovered by the 31st We will undertake a check to see if you have logged into your account. If you have not logged into your account to check to see if you are winner between the 4th December 2017 and 31st December 2017, will withdraw the prize from you.
  8. The draw shall be undertaken in accordance with the laws of chance and the draw shall be conducted by an independent person unconnected with Core Spreads or its affiliates or employees. “Person” shall have its legal meaning.
  9. The prize draw is distinguished as the “Daily £50 Secret Santa”.
  10. If your account is denominated in Euros or Dollars then the successful prize draw winner shall receive the exact same numerical amount (i.e “50”). No adjustments shall be made for currency exchange rates.
  11. All Core Spreads “Full” accounts are deemed eligible and no entry fee is required either to participate or claim your prize.
  12. The £50 prize draw may be used for any lawful trading activity within our terms and conditions.
  13. The £50 prize draw may be withdrawn by you immediately or used for trading activities up to the 31st December 2017.
  14. The gift is subject to have being received if any trading activity has been undertaken. By trading activity, we mean any new Spreadbet(s) or CFD’s being placed in any market on and after the day of the draw and up to the 31st December 2017.
  15. All prizes are offered to the individual account holder and the prize cannot be transferred to another named account holder at Core Spreads or within the Finsa Europe group.
  16. The offer applies to both MT4 and CoreTrader (also meaning CloudTrade) accounts.
  17. The offer is not transferable.
  18. If you hold multiple MT4 accounts and Coretrader, and you are successful in the draw, only one payment of £50 shall be made.
  19. Any trading or withdrawal activity will be deemed as accepting the prize.
  20. The £50 may be used in full or in part in the event of a margin call.
  21. Agents, Employees, Tied Agents and Appointed Representatives of Core Spreads and Finsa Europe are excluded from the offer.
  22. Core Spreads shall be the final arbiter in applying and interpreting the rules and awarding prizes and the decision of Core Spreads is final.
  23. If you are successful in the draw but you do not wish to receive the prize, please notify us with 24 hours at which point we will make another draw even if this is outside the prize draw dates.
  24. If you have been successful in the draw and your name is drawn again, you shall not be entitled to a second prize.
  25. The prize shall be credited within 24 hours of the draw being made.
  26. There is no other equivalent prize and winners shall not be able to claim another prize of equivalent value either in goods or services. The winner of the prize cannot ask for their prize payment to be delayed.



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