Trade Amazon, Facebook & Apple Shares at new prices with our Mini Markets


From Monday 29th October 2018, we’ll be making some changes to our US markets: US Shares and the US 500.

How? By introducing two new market subcategories: Wall Street 30 Minis and FAANG Minis.


US Shares in top tech companies have never been so accessible

When it comes to our US Shares, our collection features some of the top tech companies to invest in.

With Core Spreads, trading Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google Shares (also known as FAANG Shares) will now be more accessible, as will Shares in household-favourite names such as Walt Disney, Microsoft, NIKE and Coca-Cola.

To do this, we’re going to establish a new base level for our US Shares by dividing their current level by 10. In financial terms, this is called ‘rebasing by a factor of 10’.

By rebasing the Share by 10, we haven’t only reduced their margin, but also their volatility – this makes them an accessible option for more traders, just like you.

Below is an example of the reductions you can expect when trading Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google Shares with us. You can view our other Mini Markets via your trading platform:

 Core UK

Market Price Stake Margin*
Facebook - Rolling 166.27 1 3,325.40
Facebook - Mini Rolling 166.27 1 332.54
Apple - Rolling 188.63 1 3,772.60
Apple - Mini Rolling 188.63 1 141.47
Amazon - Rolling 1773.67 1 35,473.40
Amazon - Mini Rolling 1773.67 1 3,547.34
Netflix Inc - Rolling 366.48 1 7,329.60
Netflix Inc - Mini Rolling 366.48 1 732.96
Alphabet (Google) - Rolling 1196.92 1 23,938.40
Alphabet (Google) - Mini Rolling 1196.92 1 2,393.84

*estimated margin per underlying currency

Out of Hours spreads

Currently, our Out of Hours spread for the US 500 stands at 0.3 points.

From 29th October, we will be changing the spread to 0.5 points. Although this is an increase, our tight, fixed spreads are still industry-leading.

Core Spreads

Core Spreads is financial trading as it should be. No noise – just tight spreads on thousands of markets.

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