Trade UK Shares

Spread betting on UK Shares is not only free of stamp duty but, under current tax laws, profits are also exempt from Capital Gains Tax*.

The constituents of the FTSE indices are often in the news, whether they are reporting their latest earnings, providing interim updates to the market or when they are launching new products. 

Core Spreads provides access to hundreds of UK quoted shares found in the FTSE100 and 250.

Our low fixed spreads on the FTSE100 share markets won’t be beaten by any other spread betting provider; yes, it’s a bold statement, but one we are very confident to make. We invite you to open an account with us and see for yourself!

Name Bid Offer Spread*
VODAFONE 0 0 0.1%
MORRISONS 0 0 0.1%
BARCLAYS 0 0 0.1%
RBS 0 0 0.1%
TESCO 0 0 0.1%
BP 0 0 0.1%
HSBC 0 0 0.1%
ROYAL MAIL 0 0 0.1%

Trade European Shares

Core Spreads has a fantastic range of European shares to spread bet on, always available when the underlying exchanges are open and at very commercial spreads. Our charges are just 0.10% for each trade.

Shares in the Eurozone are frequently traded by our clients who wish to access and bet on the movements of some of the world’s largest companies.

Our offering includes stocks from all sectors of the market, many of which will be mentioned in news bulletins and featured in analyst’s reports. Whilst the volatility of these shares tends to rise at the time of company announcements, the relative strength or weakness of the Euro will also create market interest in these blue-chip businesses.

Name Bid Offer Spread*
E.ON 0 0 0.2%
ALLIANZ 0 0 0.2%
PHILIPS 0 0 0.2%
BMW 0 0 0.2%

Trade US Shares

Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter. How many of us have managed to go a whole day without mentioning one of these giant US companies?

Core Spreads offers a wide range of US shares on which you can place a spread bet. Our minimum bet on these popular markets is just £1 per 1 cent move in the price of the underlying share and our charges remain competitive and fixed throughout the time the stock is open for trading on the exchange.

Financial reporting season in the US can make for some interesting and volatile markets. It’s important you keep an eye on when companies will be releasing their trading results or providing updates to the market about their current performance. Some companies release their updates after the close of trading which can make for a very lively market opening the next day!

As with all the markets offered by Core Spreads, please make sure you understand how the market trades and what the volatility could be and that the size of your bet reflects this.

Name Bid Offer Spread*
Prices are subject to our website terms and conditions. Prices shown are only available on the CoreTrader platform and are delayed by 15 minutes and indicative. For all equities, we add a fixed % spread to the underlying market and spreads shown above are per leg. *(In market session hours)

Core Spreads

Core Spreads is financial trading as it should be. No noise – just tight spreads on thousands of markets.

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