Dividend adjustments

Did you know that the company Stocks and Shares that make up an Index sometimes pay dividends? When this happens, the overall value of the Index is affected, which can cause the price to fall.

As a result of this, you may see some adjustments on your account if you trade Shares or Indices. If you’d like to know more about these adjustments, why not read our blog?

Every week, we’ll be publishing the estimated impact that company dividends will have on the price of each Index throughout the week. Please note, we’ll only list the Index dividend projections for the time being.

All figures in the below represent the estimated reduction in the price of an Index over the whole week.

Please be aware that the announcement of these dividend adjustments are scheduled events, and leveraged Index traders can’t profit or lose from these price movements.


Market Mon 16 Sep Tue 17 Sep Wed 18 Sep Thu 19 Sep Fri 20 Sep
UK 100          
 France 40  0.165        
 Euro Stocks 50          
Spain 35   0.241       
Switzerland 20      11.103    
Wall Street 30          
 US Tech 100         0.972
US 500


0.014 0.014 0.178 0.170
Australia 200 0.301 0.354 0.065 0.950 0.437
Far East          
Hong Kong 50 7.905 11.379      
Japan 225          


Remember, you can always check our blog for more information about dividend adjustments and any other adjustments you may see on your account.

Please note, amounts are subject to change and are for indication only


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