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19 Mar

Financial commentator David Buik provides his weekly update for Core Spreads. Today, an overview of Equity markets, news from Honda and HSBC numbers. ...Read More

18 Mar

There is only one way to describe the current UK political climate – a shambles! In the 60 years I have been assiduously following politics, I have never witnessed such discord, vitriol and hatred. It makes the 1956 Suez crisis look like a vicarage tea party in comparison. Many people on both sides of the divide should be ashamed of themselves. ...Read More

15 Mar

In the early 80’s Deutsche Bank was considered, almost unchallenged, to be the best run bank in the world. In the ‘wholesale money markets’ it could pick up money cheaper than any other bank. It enjoyed a very healthy balance sheet. Germany was ‘on the charge’ economically. ...Read More

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David Buik

With a career that spans more than 50 years, David Buik is an expert in his field. Starting at Philip Hill Higginson Erlangers, he has had starring roles at Money Market Agencies, City Index Group and BGC Partners. In 2016, he was appointed an MBE in the New Year Honours.

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