1. The opening of an account is subject to status.
  2. The Welcome Bonus is only available on CoreTrader accounts, Core MT4 accounts are not eligible.
  3. Core Spreads is the sole arbiter of these rules and any other issue arising under this promotion.
  4. This offer is available to new customers who have not held a CoreTrader account with Core Spreads previously, and is limited to one account per client and one account per household.
  5. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, unless explicitly stated in the terms and conditions of that particular offer.
  6. The Welcome Bonus is capped at GBP £2,500.
  7. The bonus amount is calculated as follows:
    • 50% of the first month’s spread up to £2,500.
    By way of an example, if a qualifying client placed trades with a spread totalling £4,000 in the first month the welcome bonus would be £2,000 (50% of £4,000).
  8. Spread is defined as the difference between the bid and offer price multiplied by the stake divided by two. Spread is generated on both the opening and closing legs of a trade. For example, Core Spreads’ spread on UK 100 is 0.8, opening a £25 a point spread bet generates £10 spread on the opening trade and £10 spread on the closing trade. On all equity trades the underlying market spread is excluded and only the add-on spread is included in the total spread calculation.
  9. For positions open at the end of the first month only the opening leg will be included.
  10. The first month starts on the day a client is approved as a full account on the CoreTrader platform, this will be considered a full day. The first month is concluded at midnight one calendar month after the day the CoreTrader new full account was approved. There will be no adjustment if the month is less than 31 days long. For example, a client receives notification that their Core Trader account has been approved and opened on the on the 10th April 2018, for the purposes of the bonus calculation the first month will run from 10th April 2018 to midnight on the 9th May 2018.
  11. Once clients have completed the first month’s trading, clients are required to claim the bonus by contacting the Customer Support team via email on support@corespreads.com or phone on +44 203 4754 830 to get the bonus applied to the client’s account. The bonus must be requested within 14 days from the end of your first month. If you do not claim within this period clients are no longer entitled to receive the bonus. The bonus can be claimed early before the first month has finished, but once claimed clients will not be able to make further claims in respect of this offer.
  12. Once applied to the client’s account there are no release criteria and the bonus money can be withdrawn at any time upon the instruction of the client.
  13. Withdrawal of the bonus amount is not automatic and Core Spreads must be instructed by the client.
  14. The bonus can only be withdrawn if it does not create a margin call and/or a deficit cash balance.
  15. This offer runs until 30th June 2018 and in order to qualify for the bonus clients must have opened a Core Spreads CoreTrader account, traded, completed their first month and requested the bonus before the closing date.
  16. Although rare, Core Spreads reserves the right to adjust the bonus amount should it deem the trading not to have occurred during normal market conditions and/or for normal market trade sizes.
  17. This offer is subject to fair use policy and abuse of this offer may result in the bonus being withheld.
  18. Core Spreads will not be liable for any losses that clients may incur as a result of trading with the bonus amount or removal of the bonus in line with these terms (i.e. if removal creates a margin call or closure of positions).
  19. Core Spreads reserves the right to retrospectively or otherwise amend, withdraw or restrict this promotion at any time without notice.
  20. Core Spreads will conduct checks on your account transaction history to ensure that the correct bonus figure has been applied. Core Spreads reserves the right to alter or amend any bonus allocation on your account for up to one month from the date that the bonus has been applied if we believe that an incorrect amount has been applied and that you agree to indemnify us against any negative balance if applicable.  

Last updated: 7th December 2017.

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