Prior to proceeding with the opening of an account for you, we are required to undertake an evaluation as to whether transacting in leveraged products is appropriate for you. 

We may evaluate that the products we offer are not appropriate for you, and you will be notified if this is the case.

We may ask you for details of your income and liquid savings and investments, however, we will not monitor these and it is your responsibility to ascertain whether your financial resources are adequate to cover the risks of any trading that you undertake.


Each trade that you enter into; will generally require you to have sufficient funds available to cover the margin requirement. These amounts vary from market to market and also depend on the size of the transaction; however, it will usually be a relatively small proportion of the notional principle value of the contract. This means you will be gearing or leveraging up.

As a result of gearing and leverage any relatively small movement in price can result in a high return or substantial losses.

You must monitor your account closely at all times, as any relatively small price movement may result in you being required to immediately deposit additional funds and your failure to do so, may result in the closure of all or any of your trades.


Volatile market conditions may cause a particular market or markets to immediately move from one price to another. This may for example, be caused by economic data releases, market announcements and world events and can occur when the underlying market is open or closed. If such events occur, gapping can result in significant losses (or profits) and any non-guaranteed stop losses will not offer you protection against this.


As our spread bets and CFDs are not made on any exchange, the prices are set by us. Each contract constitutes a trade with us and is not transferrable to any other person.

As a result you may be exposed to the risk of our default. In this unlikely event we are members of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which in respect of a proven and eligible claim provides a retail client with protection of the first £50,000 of any claim.

Core Spreads

Core Spreads is financial trading as it should be. No noise – just tight spreads on thousands of markets.

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