Under the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority, Finsa Europe Ltd. has a duty to conduct all business with you in an honest, fair and professional manner and to act in your best interests. Finsa Europe Ltd is required to provide you with the best execution on any transaction we enter into with you.

This policy is supplemental to our Customer Terms and Conditions.


Finsa Europe Ltd provides trading in a range of markets, which are based on an underlying exchange or instrument. Our price is then constructed on this relevant instrument.

Finsa Europe Ltd is an execution only provider and you deal directly with us and not on any exchange or other external market. Trades cannot be transferred and contracts that you open with us must duly be closed with us.


The price we quote for a given contract is calculated from the price of the relevant underlying instrument, provided to us from third-party external sources. Our price may differ from the price of the underlying instrument, as we add our spread and fees. We may also adjust our price to take into consideration issues such as market liquidity, dividends and corporate actions.

We will in some markets, quote our price outside of the normal trading hours for that particular underlying instrument. These prices will be set by our trading team, with reference to one or more related underlying instrument which are trading at that time. As a result, when trading outside normal exchange hours we may exercise additional discretion in our quote. We may reduce the maximum size of trade and or widen our spread at these times


Our price quote in many markets already includes our spread and there will be no additional fees or commissions due from you. For some markets, you will be liable to pay a commission charge for each opening and closing trade.


Trades may be executed through our Trading Platform.

A trade will be deemed as executed on our Trading Platform once a confirmation has been made.

Trades will be executed as soon as reasonably practical; however, there may be circumstances where this is not possible.

Core Spreads

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