It’s your money, we make sure we look after it very securely in accordance with UK regulations and try our utmost not to restrict its movement between you and us. By default, we operate a zero fees policy for deposits and withdrawals but with all good things in life that is open to the occasional abuse or misunderstanding so we’ve set out some guidelines.


  1. When depositing by card Core Spreads operates a number of online fraud protection measures, for example:
    • All users have a daily cap of €35,000 or equivalent in GBP or USD or 17 deposits in 24 hours or 8 sales in an hour; unless they fall into the following
    • New users have a daily cap of €15,000 or equivalent in GBP or USD, 8 deposits in 24 hours or 5 an hour (a new user is someone that is within 24 hours of placing a card deposit for the first time).
  2. Under normal conditions, Core Spreads does not charge for credit and debit card, Skrill or bank deposits. Although not exhaustive the following are examples of scenarios where Core Spreads will pass the cost on plus a 15% admin fee for card deposits:
    • Churning. This is when a client repeatedly places deposit(s) only to withdraw a material amount of their balance soon after. This is subjective and set at the discretion of Core Spreads.
    • When a client makes numerous card payments but then requests a bank transfer to the linked account of the card. If the request is for a UK same day refund (request must be made by 1.00pm UK time) the charge will be a flat £25. If the request is for an international (outside the UK) payment refund, the charge will also be a flat £25.
    • Card payments which are made from outside Europe.
    Core Spreads will communicate changes away from the default zero fees policy with the client before enacting them.
  3. Users can not make a card deposit over the phone or in person at one of our offices, all card deposits must be made online either within the trading platform or the client portal. Core Spreads accepts no responsibility if a client cannot deposit in this manner.
  4. Core Spreads has the right not to accept card deposits from clients, meaning in this case only bank transfers are acceptable.
  5. Core Spreads will not accept deposits from people or companies (known as “third party payments”) with which it does not have an account. If a deposit is received which is not recognised it will be held in a client segregated bank account and returned back to source.
  6. If you deposit by bank transfer we will apply it when it settles into our client segregated account. Core Spreads will not apply funds before they have settled. Please ensure you put your Core Spreads Account Number as the payment reference when making a bank transfer.
  7. If you deposit from a Corporate bank card or make a Corporate bank account transfer, you will be required to send a board resolution authorising the transaction, before the funds are applied to your Core Spreads account.
  8. Core Spreads reserves the right to investigate with the relevant authorities any suspected fraudulent use of cards as advised by its card processor through its online fraud protection measures
  9. Core Spreads policy does not extend to charges your bank or payment provider may levy on you to make the transaction.


  1. Core Spreads will not send funds back to an unverified source.
    • For a card to be verified the client must have made at least one deposit using the card and must have fully passed through the online fraud protection measures of the card processor. We cannot send funds back to an expired card.
    • For a bank source to be verified the client must either provide a copy of the bank statement clearly showing their address and account details (and if requested the document should be certified) or by requesting a trace be made by our bank of the account details of a previous bank deposit. A source trace can take up to 5 working days.
  2. By default, when cards are used to make deposits Core Spreads will return subsequent withdrawals to those verified sources until the source has a net balance between the Client and Core Spreads of at least zero. This may result in withdrawals being split between cards. Even if the verified source is specified by the client at the point of withdrawal Core Spreads retains the right to allocate a withdrawal as it deems necessary.
  3. Settlement of funds. Assuming there are no impediments (e.g. unverified sources), Core Spreads willendeavour to process withdrawals within 24 business hours of the request being made. Depending on the withdrawal method it is then down to Core Spreads’ bank or card processor to settle the funds with the client’s bank or card provider. The time period this takes can vary significantly.
    • Cards: for a UK client, this typically takes 2-3 business days but in some instances it takes longer. For non-UK clients this typically takes longer. Core Spreads can only initiate a review with its card processor if the funds have not been received after 10 business days.
    • BACS bank transfers: the default bank withdrawal is done as a BACS transfer. For UK clients, this typically takes 3 business days to settle. Depending on your bank this might be sent via the faster payments network and settle faster. Core Spreads banks with Barclays Bank so if you hold a Barclays UK account this is likely to be the same day.
    • CHAPS bank transfers. This is same day settlement with UK banks if clients request by 1.00pm.
    • International (outside the UK) bank transfers. If funds are being sent to Europe, it would typically take 3-4 business days for funds to settle. Funds sent outside Europe can take up to 8 business days to settle. Note that receipt of your funds according to these time frames are also dependent on the Money Laundering processes of your bank when accepting deposits from a foreign banking institution.

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