Features: Clear, simple charges

Spreads Varies by market
Commission Not levied on spread bets, applicable CFD markets £1/€1.30/$1.50 per lot per leg.
Guaranteed stops From 3pts, availability and charge varies by market.
Overnight holding 2.5% +/- Libor. See an example here.
Credit cards Free*
Debit cards Free*
Bank transfer Free*
Internal account transfer Free*
Skrill/Moneybookers Free*
Credit cards Free*
Debit cards Free*
Standard UK bank transfer (BACS) Free*
Same day UK bank transfer (CHAPS) 2 free a month (min £500/€700/$750). £25 otherwise.*
International bank transfer 2 free a month (min £500/€700/$750). £25 otherwise.*
Account opening Free
Inactivity charge No way!

Spread betting

There is no commission on spread bets. We quote a fixed spread on all index, FX and commodity spread bets. The midpoint of the bet is derived from real-time feeds of a security’s market price. Our spreads are some of the tightest in the industry – so you can trade for less.

For all equity spread bets the bid-offer you are quoted includes all charges. On UK and EU equities, we charge a fixed % spread and on US equities 2 cents around the underlying bid-offer. The underlying spread on an equity is driven by the market. Individual equity charges are detailed in our market information section and on the trading platform.


FX, gold and silver markets are quoted clean (commission not included in the spread). For FX, gold and silver you will be charged commission of £1.00, €1.30 or $1.50 per lot per leg. MT4 bundles both the opening and closing commissions onto the opening leg of a transaction.

For equities the spread is included in the price quoted, for UK and EU equities it is 0.05% (5bps) per leg and for US shares its 2 cents per leg.

There are no commission charges for softs, other metals and oil markets.

Overnight financing and swaps charges

We charge traders an overnight funding charge, also known as a swaps charge, on daily bets and CFD cash markets. As at 10pm UK time any open positions are charged. Our funding rates are based on the relevant interbank lending rate. For the majority of GBP trades this will be 2.5% ± 1 month LIBOR.

  • If an index, equity or commodity position is long, we charge 1 month LIBOR plus 2.5%. If it is short, we pay 1 month LIBOR and charge 2.5%.
  • For FX, the trader receives the interest of the long currency and pays the interest of the short currency and then pays 2.5%.
  • For all bets on futures and forwards, the cost of financing is incorporated in the spread and daily funding on these instruments will not be charged.

Funding charges

When you deposit or withdraw with us we don't charge (T&C's apply).

*Subject to our Deposit and Withdrawal policy

Please note we don't accept third party deposits.



Risk Warning: Financial spread bets and CFD trades are leveraged products, which means you could lose more than your deposits. If you’re hazy on exactly what that means, you shouldn’t trade. Click here to read the full risk warning


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